Personnel & Material Hoist Rental

Operated & Bare Rental Personnel/Material Hoists

United Crane & Rigging offers a full line of personnel/material hoists for both operated and bare rental scenarios.

With single, dual, and high-speed configurations, our extensive line of Avro hoists offers the safety, reliability, and flexibility you require for passengers and materials on your jobsite.

Installed and Maintained by the Experts

Our installation and dismantling procedures are all performed by certified United Crane & Rigging in-house personnel.

For additional information on our extensive fleet of personnel/material hoists and equipment, please view the load charts and technical specifications.

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You can depend on the United Crane & Rigging team to provide you with the safest, most cost-effective solutions for all your projects.

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  • Credit approval within 24 hours
  • Highly trained, knowledgeable technicians
  • Nationally certified operators

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