Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety is the starting point for every United Crane & Rigging project.

That’s why we maintain a stringent and consistent focus on safety, striving to complete every project without incident.

We employ a full-time safety professional on staff to ensure we’re following safe work practices and procedures. To stay up to date, we belong to several safety networks, including Avetta, ISNetworld, and ConstructSecure.

We also comply with all appropriate safety regulations set by OSHA, EPA, DOT, and various state and local agencies. When you work with United Crane & Rigging, you’ll know that safety is our top priority.

Educated. Aware. Focused on Safety.

United Crane & Rigging ensures that all our employees are trained and certified for all of the tasks they will be performing at the jobsite.

Employees are educated in both task-specific and general safety procedures, using classroom and computer-based training as well as on-the-job scenarios.

From the office staff to our teams in the field, we strive to keep safe practices the focus of every workday.

If you have any questions, please contact our Mid-Atlantic Safety Supervisor, Brian Lamb at 443-613-4620.